A review on the watch


You can tell time

It makes you look professional(well it depends on the brand and what it looks like).

You can time things like how fast you do something.

You can set an alarm when you want to do something at a specific time.

It can also tell you the date and the year when you forget when it is.


It can leave a rash in your skin.

It leaves imprints in your skin.

The watch is eather to tight or to lose not perfect.

Over night your watch would for some reason rezone to some random time zone.

Also if you get water in the watch your watch would start to fog up and then it would mess up terrible.


To make it so you can listen music in your watch.

You can call people o the watch.

You can text people on the watch.

You can download apps on the watch.

You can play games on the watch.